Nothing absolutely has half the value of a boat roaming. 

               ——Kenneth Grahame,The Wind in the Willows President speech


  My dear friends, you are warmly welcome to pay attention to the School of Marine Science and Technology of Tianjin University. This school has been set up newly, which is a new group with the most vitality and passion in the 120--year culture precipitation of Tianjin (Peiyang) University. 

  Tianjin University was born at the time when we are defeat in the Sino-Japanese War, and the nation is in peril, and it has a natural connection, special feelings and keenly feelings with oceans. Generations of students in Tianjin University bear in mind the dreams of "developing education and strengthening the country" , stick firmly to the school motto of "seeking truth from facts" , "Never making empty talks just in written but make real efforts to recreate our country", tirelessly making explorations of truth. Tianjin University gathers a lot of academic masters, cultivates generations of outstanding people, has deep cultural accumulation and has many marine disciplines. Rooted in this fertile soil, inheriting such a powerful gene, and be faced with national strategic needs of "strengthening the country by sea" and "One Belt And One Road", our school embarked on a new boat roaming of exploring the ocean, knowing the ocean and controlling the ocean. 

  Exploring the ocean is not merely a question of theory and technology, it's also national requirements associated with its own characteristic and values, due to the diverse demands. We really need a comprehensive and balanced thinking. Therefore, our school puts forward a disciplinary layout idea of leading by strategy, making breakthroughs by technology and making innovations by theories, at the same time we set up marine institute for strategic studies, majors of marine science and marine technology, forming a subject system which is combined with marine science, marine technology, sociology and science. 

  The knowledge of ocean, not only a question of inheritance and accumulation, relies more on the new inventions and creations even on informatization which has been the fundamental stimulus of pushing ahead the reform of oceanography since the 21st century. Therefore, our school puts forward a developmental concept of scientific researches which is data-oriented, theory-reformed and strategy-supported, and at the same time undertakes to set up the marine integrated observation and survey layout, establish the Marine Technology Collaborative Innovation Center and promote the establishment of marine data science. All these contributes to a system of scientific researches which highlights the the outstanding features of an informatization age.

  The master of ocean is, not only a question of technology and equipment, but a request of the wisdom and courage of masters’ insight. Thus, our school puts forward a concept of talent cultivation which is case-oriented, internationalized and experimental, sets out to compile a new case-oriented university course, offers internationalized excellent courses, creates an experimental teaching environment, and at the same time sets up open training programs. All these contributes to a teaching system which is characterized with the integration of modern education and marine features.  

  Ocean is the heaven of water just as the Chinese proverb says“The highest good is like that of water, and a person is great when he can be tolerant and forgiving to many other people.”Faced with the rare prosperity in Chinese history and the trend of informatization reform, our college is undertaking our own mission to establish a platform of “All rivers run into the sea.” or “Sparks flash in all directions.” so as to make various inspirations splash the sparks of wisdom, to make the prominent talents stand out, to make the sweat of diligence bears abundant fruits, and to make Chinese people writ out the lines like what Shakespeare just writ as soon as possible.

  Dear friends, if you admit our concept, like to share your wisdom, and at the same time possess the passion and eagerness to explore oceans, then we sincerely wish and welcome your visit, corporation and enroll in the School of Marine Science and Technology of Tianjin University. Let us cruise together on the “dark, mysterious and hazardous” ocean as always! 



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