Marine Science and Technology (briefly named as School of Marine) is established in April 2014. Since then, at the school direction of “ drag and prompt by marine technology(especially ocean observing technology) to vigorously develop ocean technology subject” and the school construction idea “ take the science as priority and develop with characteristics”, it closely centre on national construction strategy of “ocean boost the country”, grasp the good chance of the “Tianjin national marine economic and technology development demonstration” construction, fully utilize our comprehensive subject advantages, actively carry out vital ocean-related departments research and talents cooperation, promote related discipline international communication and endeavor to build School of Marine Science and Technology as world level and world famous school.

  Now, School of Marine Science and Technology has included marine technology department, marine science department and marine strategy research institution. There are 17 teachers and staff, among which 13 are teachers, with 4 professors, 1 associate professor and 8 lecturers in it, and 1 is double employed academician and 5 are part time professors. At present, it is bringing talents with various channels.

  In 2015, Shool of Marine has recruited 10 postgraduates (2 push avoid unripe) and 3 doctors. In 2015, marine technology undergraduate major is set up by ministry of education’s approval and plans to recruit 30 undergraduates. Now, School of Marine has actively carried out preparation work for undergraduate recruitment, including recruitment publicity and improvement of cultivating plan. Meanwhile, the school has finished cultivating plan for postgraduate and tutor review and employment.

  Our college has undertaken 11 research programs of the following institutions such as Science and Technology Minister, Marine Safety Administration of the People’s Public of China, Tianjin Science Administration and Center of Navigation of the North Sea. We have established “Marine Industry Synergy Innovation Base of Nankai District” together with Tianjin Nankai District and Technological Research Center of Marine 3I (port of intelligence, marine safety of intelligence and navigation of intelligence).All these have contributed to the great praise from the leaders in the activity of“look at each other, compete with each other, and learn from each other”in Tianjin City.



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