The 1st Phase of Academic Salon, a Success

Release time:2015-05-20 Source:TJU

   On April 4, the 1st Phase of Academic Salon in School of Marine Science and Technology was held as scheduled. Zhang Liang, a lecturer, delivered a report named “the Fundamental System and Developmental History of Geodesy” with all the teachers of the college joined in the activity and made hotheaded discussions.

   In the activity, Mr. Zhang made a systematic introduction of the fundamental system and content of geodesy and illustrated the developmental history and the major researching achievements of geodesy. In the discussion, young teachers of the college such as Nie Hingtao, Xue Bin, Xu Jian, Tian Wenjie, and Chang Shuai made enthusiastic speeches and discussions in terms of CGCS2000 ) the following aspects as China Geodetic Coordinate System 2000) and GNSS (Global navigation satellite positioning system), making the academic atmosphere fervent and harmony.

   Periodic academic salons, providing a sound platform for improving teachers’ academic exchanging ability in the college and creating a great academic and researching atmosphere, achieved a positive result.  

   (Responsible editor:Yang Chengsheng) 


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