Teacher Zhang Anmin of Our College is Selected as One of the 2012-2013 Year Naikai “Technological Innovation Leader”

Release time:2015-05-12 Source:TJU





  Symposium held in the fourth meeting room of TJU conference building   



   Feng Weihua’s talk in the meeting  



   Lei Ming’s addresses in the meeting  



  A group photo after meeting


  On the afternoon of November 25, Tianjin Naikai district technological innovation symposium is held in the fourth meeting room of TJU conference building. The symposium commends 20 person the 2012-2013 year Naikai district “technological innovation leader”, and researcher Zhang Anmin of our school, associate professor Liu Qiang of TJU School of Electronic Information Engineering, head of the measurement teaching and research section Xiong Chunbao of school of civil engineering, and researcher Zhang Xizhi of Design Institute is included.
  Naikai District Deputy Secretary Feng Weihua, Naikai Disrict Standing Committee Member, Deputy Chief and Minister of organization Lin Jie, and Naikai District Standing Committee Member and Propaganda Minister Zhu Shujiang attend the activity. TJU Propaganda Minister of the party committee Lei Ming makes a speech. Lin Jie reads out “Decision on Commending 2012-2013 Year Naikai District ‘technological innovation leader’”, commends 20 person of the 2012-2013year Naikai district “technological innovation leader”, and employ some technological leaders as “Naikai District counselor to help teenagers learn and love science and technology”, who will public and popularize technological innovation knowledge deeply into 14 middle or primary schools such as Tianjin middle school and Middle School attached to TJU at regular intervals.

  Zhang Xizhi, Wang Anmin also make a speech as representatives of awarders. They advice and suggest for strengthening the technological cooperation between TJU and NKU and promoting the construction of technology Naikai. Zhang Xizhi talks that under the situation that the teaching area of TJU, NKU, TJUT and Tianjin Normal University preparing to move or having been moved to outside district, he hopes Naikai District can vigorously strengthen the cooperation with universities like TJU, build college technology park in original sites, prompt college to derive and incubate technological enterprises, co-build basic innovation bases and technological enterprise incubator bases, promote the transformation of college vital technological results, accelerate technology resources gathering towards enterprises and improve industry overall technology level. And Zhang Anmin suggests that Naikai District should strengthen deep cooperation with TJU in marine technology and expand the scale with marine industry base as basis to speed up the related industry development.

  Lei Ming makes a speech in the symposium, expresses regards to those awarded experts and hopes that they can walk into TJU to communicate with students and spread ideas and conscious technology innovation to more young people. Meanwhile she hopes Naikai District can further strengthen and deepen technology cooperation with TJU to co-propel regional and national technology progress and economic development.

  (Executive editor: Yang Chengsheng)   




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