Academician Wu Lixin Gave a Speech to Students and Faculties of TJU

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Academician Wu Lixin is giving his speech


   In the morning of December 12th, 2014, Wu Lixin, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Ocean University of China gave a speech in the conference hall of the second floor of No. 42 apartment. His topic was Challenges of Marine Science and Technology in the 21st Century. Prof. Wu Lixin was invited by the School of Marine Science and Technology. Prof. Wei Hao hosted this seminar. Niu Zhiguang, executive vice director of SMST, faculties and students of TJU, and deputies from Tianjin University of Science and Technology, National Marine Technology Center, and National Marine Information Center attended this seminar.

   Prof. Wei Hao first welcomed Prof. Wu and introduced his research achievements as well as some information of organizing this seminar. In his speech, Prof. Wu, combined with his teaching and research experience of physical oceanography, explained the situation, problems, and challenges of marine science and technology. He pointed out that the development of marine science and technology had a close relation to the development of China, and marine science and technology should realize coordinated development in the future.

   After his report, Prof. Wu Lixin has a 1h discussion with teachers and students present. In their communication, Prof. Wu answered all questions patiently and expressed his expectations to young researchers.

   Wu Lixin, born in 1966, is the academician of the Chinese Academy of Science. He has been one of the top professors of the physical oceanography “Summit Project” of Ocean University of China since 2005. He is funded by National Outstanding Youth Fund. He is the distinguished professor of “Mount Tai Scholars” of Shandong Province and “Yangtze River Scholar” of the Ministry of Education. He is the leader of innovation group of National Nature Science Foundation of China and leader of key area innovation group of the Ministry of Science and Technology. He is a member of International CLIVAR Planning Science Guiding Committee, member of International PICES Pacific Climate Change and Variability Panel, and member of CLIVAR NPOCE Planning Science Guiding Committee. In 2013 Prof. Wu was selected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Science as the youngest member in marine science of this organization.
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