The Academic Seminar with Prof. Xie Huixiang was Successfully Held by SMST

Release time:2015-03-10 Source:SMST of TJU



  Prof. Xie Huixiang is discussing with students of TJU 


  In the morning of April 16th, Xie Huixiang, Prof. of the Marine Science Institute of University of Quebec at Rimouski ( Université du Québec à Rimouski),  gave an academic report to the leaders, faculties and students of SMST in the 3rd conference room. The topic of his report was Dissolved Methane in Canadian Arctic and Subarctic Seas.Prof. Wei Hao of SMST hosted this seminar by introducing Prof. Xie first. Prof. Xie’s report focused on the distribution feature of methane in Canadian Arctic and Subarctic seas and discussed several possible sources of methane. He introduced related researches to faculties and students and highlighted the research thinking.

  This seminar aroused research interest of faculties and students. And Prof. Xie had in-depth discussion with students of TJU.

  Porf. Xie Huixiang is the Doctor of Marine Science of Dalhousie University, Post Doctor of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and the full professor of the Marine Science Institute of University of Quebec at Rimouski. He devotes himself to marine geochemistry, especially research of organic photochemistry and trace gas circulation. He has published nearly 40 outstanding academic papers on international mainstream journals and has been quoted for over 600 times.   

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