“Developmental Frontiers and Challenges of Marine Science and Technology in 21st Century”

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[Activity Forecast] “Developmental Frontiers and Challenges of Marine Science and Technology in 21st Century”----Lecture Series for Welcoming the 120 Birth of Tianjin University

[Lecture Title] “Developmental Frontiers and Challenges of Marine Science and Technology in 21st Century”

[Lecturer] Wu Lixin(member of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

[Holding Time] 9:00 a.m.Friday, December 12, 2014

[Holding Venue] the 2nd Report hall, 42th Building

[Lecturer Introduction]

   Wu Lixin, born in 1966, gets his bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University and doctor’s degree from Peking University. He is the professor of“Zhufeng Project” of physical oceanology in Ocean University of China, the winner of National Outstanding Youth Found, the academic leader of the innovative group in the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Special Appointed professor of “Taishan Scholar”in Shandong Province, the “Yangtze River Scholar”of the Ministry of Education. He also assumes the role of a member of the International CLIVAR Pacific Steering Committee, the International PICES Pacific Climate Change and Changing Rate Steering Committee, and the International CLIVAR NPOCE Planning Science Steering Committee.Selected as an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2013, he is the youngest academician in the Chinese marine researching field. 

   Mr.Wu, carrying out long-time researches on the fundamental theories of marine circulation, the sea-air inter-influence and decadal variations of climate, the numerical simulation of marine circulation and climate system, has found “Hot Spot”phenomenon in the tropical western boundary basin of the global oceans in 20th century, systematically illustrated the mechanism of tropical circulation in the process of the decadal variations of climate and in the long-time variation; put forward the new ways of the integration of global oceans quantitatively revealed through Argo buoy observation planning which pushed the researches on marine integration to the chronic dimension that was of a higher level than the global dimension and the seasons; illustrated the dynamic ways of the tropical sea-air process which was influenced by hot-salt circulation vibrations, revealing that the mode of the decadal variations of climate in Atlantic Ocean is of sea-air coupling.

   He has more than 60 thesis published in the world authoritative journals of marine and climatic researches as follows: Nature Geoscience, Nature Climate Change, Journal of Climate, Journal of Physical Oceanography. As a chief scientist, he is charged with the following projects such as the National Deep Ocean 973 Project,the Planning Project of Global Major Researches of Ministry of Sciences and Technology, and the Innovation Groups of the Foundation.


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