Notification of Launching the First Academic Exchange Meeting of Hazard Prevention and Mitigation

Release time:2015-05-20 Source:SMST

Dear leaders and experts,

Notice is hereby given that “ the First Academic Exchange Meeting of Hazard Prevention and Mitigation”, in response to the grander goal of building a marine power proposed by the 18th CPC National Congress, to foster the academic exchanges of marine hazard prevention and mitigation, to improve the level of scientific and technological support, and promote the relevant work in the aspect, will be launched on December, 2014 in Beijing.

The meeting is hosted by National Marine Hazard Mitigation Service, supported and assisted by Chinese Society for Oceanology, China Association of Oceanic Engineering, and China Association of Marine Affairs. The meeting contents contain the following 3 special agendas: the report of heated issues on international marine hazard and the developmental deployment of Chinese marine hazard prevention, scientific and technological innovation and marine hazard prevention, and construction of abilities in marine hazard prevention and mitigation as well as cultural construction. The attendees include the relevant departments and committees of the State Council, coastal provinces(cities and regions), marine administrative departments of planning units in cities, the relevant work units affiliated to the National Marine Administration, the relevant universities or colleges of high education, institutes of scientific researches, the relevant experts and scholars in enterprises. 

Warm welcome the experts and scholars in your work unit to attend the meeting! We sincerely hope that this notice will be announced in your site.The details of the meeting content is enclosed.

To ensure that you have received this notice, please send e-mails as your reply for us to make further arrangements! Thanks for your help and support to our core work!

Liaison: Guo Junru

National Marine Hazard Mitigation Service 


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