Famous Dynamicist Coming to Address a Lecture in Tianjin University

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Report title: chime bells, Long Xi, “light transmitting” mirror,...an information of modern science hided in ancient Chinese science and technology. 

Report Abstract

Ⅰ. Chime Bells War Period

   Bell culture in China; Chime-bells from the Tomb of Marquis Yi of the Zeng State unearthed in 1978 which caused a global sensation the field of music history, and of science and technology including metallurgy; mechanical mechanism of double tone and short tenuto of chime bells.

Ⅱ. “light transmitting” copper mirror in Western Han Dynasty206b.c.-a.d.24

   The 1st Chapter of Chinese novel: “Ancient Mirror”

Mechanism of light transmitting: combination of thermology, dynamics, and optics

 Ⅲ. Scientific Laboratory and Goldmine——Long Xi

   Mechanism of diving images taking place in hand-launder Long Xi——self-excited oscillation between two anamorphotic system;

  Low frequency waves in the inner of the shell incurred by high frequency stimulative shell——bifurcation motion of fluid-structure interaction of nonlinear system.

Ⅳ. Relations between Ancient Science and Technology and Modern Science

   The report is accompanied with experiments and images of musical performance.

   Pro. Wang Dajun is a famous Chinese dynamicist who makes prominent achievements in the fields such as structure dynamics,oscillation theory, stability theories in structure dynamics, oscillation dominance, and modern dynamics in the ancient science and technology. He is selected in “Academic Achievement Overview of Chinese Famous Scientists of the 20th Century. Dynamics Volume” and listed in the “Chinese Famous Dynamicists of the 20th Century”.

   Welcome all of you to the lecture!


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