Notification of Launching Academic Salons

Release time:2015-03-10 Source:Tianjin University Office Work

In order to improve the academic exchange ability of teachers in the School of Science and Technology, to establish the platform for academic exchanges, and to create a sound academic researching atmosphere, it is formulated that periodic academic salons will launched for teachers in our college. For the success of such activities,the requirements are as follows:

1.Oriented Objects

This includes all faculties in our college.(lecturer must join in the activities, and professors/researchers, associate professors/researchers, and administrative teachers can choose to join or not.)

2.Time Requirements

14:30-18:00 , Friday afternoon in school weeks in every semester.

3.Activity Forms

A speaker is chosen to be the host charging with the whole host in every term. The entire process of the salon is divided into three phases

The 1st phase:(lasting for 40-50 minutes):This part is initiated by the speaker and its content is suggested as the researching frontier, developmental trend, application prospect of the speaker’ major, and the inter-disciplinary points(How the major supports and promote the development of marine science and how the fresh technology is applied in the field of marine science.) between marine science and the speaker’ major.

The 2nd phase:(lasting for60-80 minutes):The speaker hosts the activities with the relevant content as all the participants have corresponding discussions about all the contents delivered by the speaker.

The 3rd phase:(lasting for 100-130 minutes):The speaker hosts the activities with the relevant content as free discussions.

4.Activity Organization

Academic organizer and launcher is Xue Bin who is responsible for collecting and defining the speaking theme and the speaker of the first phase from the entire teachers in the college.

5. Other Matters Needing Attention

a.Such activity is designed for the daily academic exchanges in the college and principally the lecturer must join in it. Please contact our dean and ask for leave.

b.The specific organization forms can be adjusted according to the theme of the salon. 


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