Notification of Declaration for Recent Recruitment for Projects of National Natural Foundation of China

Release time:2015-03-10 Source:SMST

   Recently, National Natural Foundation of China has delivered on its website a notification of recruitment for a part of international cooperative projects, the details are as follows:

1.Guidelines of 2015 NSFC and HFAR Collaborative Science Financing Fund Projects

   In according with the Protocol of Establishment of Collaborative Science Financing Fund(hereafter referred to the Protocol)agreed by National Natural Science Fund of China(NSFC) and National Science Fund, every year the two parties will jointly finance the collaborative projects undertaken by China’s mainland and Hongkong.

Notification website:

(Expiration date in campus: 16:00p.m. February 3,2015)


2. Application Guidelines for 2015 NSFC and NSF Collaborative Projects of Biological Diversity 
   Both parties, in according with the commonsense concerning strengthening and promoting the bi-cooperation cooperation in the field of biological diversity, will jointly finance the Chinese and American scientists in the field to carry out cooperative researches, namely to carry out those comprehensive researches in terms of the description and function of the biological diversity on the earth from the broad perspective of genes, species and bio-system so that it will deepen the full understanding of key aspects of biological diversity in the changeable environment, and will probe some unknown fields of biological diversity researches to make up for the potential vacancies for human beings’ understanding of biological diversity. 


 Notification website:

(Expiration date in campus: 16:00p.m. April 10,2015) 

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