Notification of 2015 Talents Work Conference in Tianjin University

Release time:2015-03-10 Source:SMST

Dear leaders and teachers,

   The 2015 Talents Work Conference in Tianjin University will be held on 9:00a.m.October 1,2015 in the new stadium. Please make sure that you will arrive at the designated area and take your seat 20 minutes earlier(8:40). All the faculties in our college enter the venue from the southern entrance(see attachment for detailsDiagram of the Southern Entrance labeled with the red five-pointed star), and the specific seats are on the center containing three districts(see attachment for details:Seat Distribution Map with the number “8”is labeled above the seating location as “海洋8”on the map ). 

Warm tips:
1.It is expected that 2,500 people will attend the conference. To ensure a smooth traffic,please stop your cars in the neighborhood of the venue and then walk to the venue; please manage to arrive at Tianjin University earlier, or you may find that the car park is full.
2.As a volunteer teacher, I will arrive at the new stadium at 7:30. I’m liable for those matters as the organization of admission and the headcount of faculties in our college.
   Wish you a successful work.        
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