Chen Shaoyang

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Personal Information

Family Name:    Chen                    

Given Name:  Shaoyang


Current Position:   Associate Professor in the School of Marine Science 

                              and Technology/Institute of Marine Strategy, Tianjin University


Education and Training

September 2002-June 2006 Ocean University of China, B.S., Marine Management

September 2006-June 2011 Doctor of Science, Ocean University of China, Integrated Management of Marine Resources and Rights

August 2009 - September 2010 Visiting Scholar, Department of Ecological Sciences and Management, Texas A&M University, USA

July 2011-November 2018 Assistant Researcher, Associate Researcher, National Marine Data&Information Service

December 2018- Associate Professor, Institute of Marine Strategy, School of Marine Science and Technology, Tianjin University


Research Fields

Marine Strategy and International Marine affairs, Marine Management Methods and Technologies, Marine Rights and Interests in the South China Sea, and Environmental Resource Evaluation of Islands.


Main Publications

[1] Shao-yang CHEN, Wen WU, Zhen-yan CHENG, Ying-zhi CAO, The Construction of Integrated Maritime Cooperation Framework in the Pacific Rim, The 3rd International Conference on Social Science and Management, 2017, 726-730

[2] Shaoyang Chen, Zhenyan Cheng, Douglas K Loh, Spatial valuation of islands based on the SAVEE method, Marine Environmental Science, No. 1, 2012, 107-110.

[3] Shaoyang Chen, Evaluation of the rights and strategic value of the Nansha Islands based on the SAVEE method, China Fisheries Economy, No. 6, 2011

[4] Shaoyang Chen and Zhenyan Cheng, Exploring China's Future South China Sea Policy and Rights Defense Measures, China Fisheries Economy, Vol. 30, No. 6, 2012, 11-17

[5] Shaoyang Chen, Yulong Liu, Zhenyan Cheng, Value-based analysis of the development and utilization prospects of the Nansha Islands, Anhui Agricultural Science, Vol. 35, 2012, 17254-17256

[6] Shaoyang Chen, Yulong Liu, Zhenyan Cheng, The dilemma of national ocean awareness and the way out - an exploration of ways to raise national ocean awareness, Ocean Information, No. 3, 2012, 58-61

[7] Shaoyang Chen, Wen Wu, Yingzhi Cao, Zhipeng Wang, Dongqi Zhang, Survey and analysis of the current state of ocean awareness among Tianjin residents, Ocean Development and Management, 11, 2015, 51-55

[8] GUO Junru, LIU Yulong, SONG Jun, BAO Xianwen, LI Yan, CHEN Shaoyang, and YANG Jinkun The Change Features of the West Boundary Bifurcation Line of the North Equatorial Current in the Pacific. Journal of Ocean University of China (Oceanic and Coastal Sea Research), 2015, 14: 957-968

[9] Y.C. Cao, Q.C. Wang, S.Y. Chen, S.Y. Wang, A brief analysis of the function of the legal system in the allocation of maritime resources, Journal of Social Sciences, No. 6, 2014, 82 - 84

[10] Qiang Liu, Shaoyang Chen, Ting Yu, Construction of a comprehensive development indicator system for municipal marine economy evaluation in Guangdong Province, Economic Research Letters, 27, 2012, 160-162

[11] Shuangjian Li, Shaoyang Chen, Deep Ocean Resources: The Goal of a New Round of International Competition, Friends of Leadership, No. 2, 2015

Co-authored Monographs:

Xu Sheng, Fan Xiaoting, Wang Qi, Wan Fangfang, Huang Nanyan, Chen Shaoyang etal., China-United States and Maritime Rights in the 21st Century - Interpreting the Maritime Security Partnership, Ocean Press, 2013.


Research Projects

1. Construction and Operation of the South China Sea Network, State Oceanic Administration Project, 2012

2. Research on a model for the evaluation of island values based on ecological and spatial perspectives, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Research Fund for Returnees, 2012

3. National Ocean Awareness Survey Analysis and Research, National Ocean Data&Information Service Project, 2014

4. Tracking and Research on Extraterritorial State Involvement in the South China Sea, National Ocean Data&Information Service Project, 2016

5. Equity research and operationalization support services, State Oceanic Administration project, 2017

6. Research and realization of risk and hazard assessment techniques for marine infringement incidents, sub-topic of "Safety and security of the marine environment" of the State Key Research and Development Program, 2018

7. BBNJ Policy Research and Support Services for International Agreement Negotiations, National Ocean Data&Information Service Project, 2018

8. Integration and analysis of South China Sea jurisprudence and historical documents, National Ocean Data&Information Service Project, 2018

9. Marine Sustainable Development and Island Revitalization Strategy Sub-topic - Environmental Research on Island Revitalization Based on Sustainable Development, Major Projects in Philosophy and Social Sciences, Ministry of Education, 2018

10. Tianjin Marine Economic Development Ideas and Initiatives Study, Major Issues in the Pre-14th Five-Year Plan of Tianjin City, 2019


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