[Graduate Program] Scientice and Technology of Marine Environment

Release time:2015-05-15 Source:School of Marine Science and Technology, Tianjin University

 I.Brief introduction of the discipline

  As a second discipline under the first-level discipline of environmental sciences, scientice and technology of marine environment has a doctor’s degree awarded. Supported and leaded by ocean observation technology, this discipline features for ocean observation, oceanographic instrumentation and marine information technology, and promotes the combination and coordinated development of marine science and marine technology. Aiming at China’s great development strategy and demand for talents in this area, this discipline focuses on current scientific research projects that rank front in international research in this area, with high potential practical values and are urgent for China’s development, around which it launches the work on scientific research and talent cultivation.


II. Major research direction of this discipline:

 1. Marine data project, including visualization research of marine data, processing and analysing of marine big data, marine GIS project;

 2. Research on ocean observation technology, including photogrammetry of the coast, topographic survey of the seabed, hydrometry of the sea, and so on.

 3. Research on ocean observation theory, R&D on instrument, and platform construction;

 4. Research on navigation technology, including the survey on shipborne POS technology and integrated positioning technology;

 5. Research on marine environmental science, including ocean dynamics, marine ecosystem model, offshore environmental protection, physical oceanography, survey on information service system of marine environment, numerical modeling on wave, damp and current, and so on.


III.Training objective

  We aim to cultivate high-level inter-disciplinary talents with international view, informatization concept and right outlook on ocean, who can master the theory and practical skills of modern marine environmental science and technology; can grasp the fundamental knowledge that are related to modern marine environmental science and technology, such as mechanics, electronics, machinery, hydroacoustics, and laser; can hold the work of developing marine technology, marine environment observation, marine data analysis, marine engineering monitoring, and management on marine science and technology, and so on.


 IV.Study duration and graduation requirement

  The cultivation period lasts for 2.5 years, 1 year for course learning, and 1.5 years for paper writing. Graduation requirements for postgraduatesmeet one of the followings is ok): 1. To publish one paper on CSSCI, and apply for a National Invention Patent (with th Publication Number); 2. To publish one paper on SCI.


V.Curriculum provision

 Core curriculum

 First foreign language

 Science and engineering computing

 Applied statistics

 Marine data project

 An introduction to Marine Science and Technology

 research methodology

 scientific paper writing in English

 Compulsory course

 Lecture on academic foreland and academic morality rule  3 times

 Academic exchange   4 times (3 times for academic report, 1 time for academic conference, and interdisciplinary academic academic exchange is also encouraged )

 Experiment skills or social practical course

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