[Undergraduate Program] Marine Technology

Release time:2015-05-15 Source:School of Marine Science and Technology, Tianjin University

I. Major feature

  Currently, it has a large room for the improvement of marine science and marine technology in China, and the cultivation of professional talents in marine technology (especially in the area of ocean observation technology) would make the talents guarantee for China’s research on marine science, thus promoting the rapid development of our marine science and marine technology. The major of marine technology in Tianjin University makes ocean observation technology as the engine and support, aiming at our great development strategy and demand for talents in marine science and launching works on academic research and talent cultivation in the following areas:

1. Ocean observation, including theory and technical research of ocean observation, development of Oceanographic observation instruments and equipment, and exploitation of observation platform, and so on.

2. Marine data project, including visualization research of marine data, acquisition, processing and analysing of marine big data, marine platform development, marine GPS project, and so on.

3. Research on navigation technology, including e-navigation, navigation support, and marine positioning, and so on.


II.Training objective

   We aim to cultivate high-level inter-disciplinary talents with good morality and scientific literacy as well as international view, informatization concept and right outlook on ocean, who can master the basic theory, knowledge and practical skills of modern marine technology; can grasp the fundamental knowledge that are related to modern marine technology, such as mechanics, message, hydroacoustics, and laser; can hold the work of developing marine technology, marine environment observation, marine data analysis, marine engineering monitoring, and management on marine science and technology, and so on.


 III.Core curriculum

  Humanities and social sciences courses: ideological and moral cultivation and basic law education; basic principle of Marxism; Mao zedong thought and socialist theoretical system with Chinese characteristics; college English; specialty English; other liberal courses.

 Public elementary courses: higher mathematics; college physics; fundamentals of computer software technology; aatabase principles, and so on.

 Subject basic courses : an introduction to marine science; overview of ocean management; ocean technical standard; Signals and Systems; hydroacoustic engineering; engineering optics; international maritime law; communication theory, and so on.

 Subject core courses: an introduction to marine technology; marine geodetic surveying; marine topography observation; Marine hydrographic observations; ocean positioning technique; marine GIS project; marine atmospheric observation, and so on.

  Curriculum design: design of marine observation instrument; marine GIS project (data processing and analysis).

  Internship and practice: Observation practice on the sea; Observation practice at the offshore.

  Innovation and research-style courses: E-navigation system structure analysis; simple analysis of simulated sea wave; sensing theory and technology and other Innovation practice plan, which provides the course guarantee for students to take part in various kinds of academic competition.

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