I. Briefing of Disciplines:

  The discipline of Marine Environmental Science and Technology, which is authorized to offer doctorate degree, is set up as the second-level discipline subordinated to the first-level one of Environmental Science. The discipline, led and supported by marine observation and survey technology and featured with marine observation and survey,marine facilities and marine information technology, will promote the integration and synergy development, take aim at the major developmental strategies and demands of talents in the field of marine science of China, focus on the research programs which is in the international frontier researches,is to satisfy the urgent needs for national development, and is of potentially high practical utility, launch scientific researches and talents training work.

II. Researching Directions of the Disciplines Include:

1. Marine data projects concerning the visualization researches of marine data, the process and analysis of major marine data, and Marine GIS Project;

2. Researches on Marine Observation and Survey Technology maintaining coastal photogrammetry, bathymetric surveying, and oceanographic hodrological observation, etc;

3. Theoretical researches on marine observation, instrument research and development and platform establishment; 

4. Researches on Marine Navigation Technology maintaining researches on Manned POS Technology, Satellite Integrated Positioning Technology, etc;

5. Researches on Marine Environmental Science concerning marine dynamics, marine ecosystem models, offshore environmental protection, marine oceanography, system of marine environmental information service, numerical simulation of waves, tides and streams.


III. Cultivation Goal

  Our cultivation goal is to cultivate high-level compound talents who possess the following competencies such as the international insight, informatization concept and right marine concept, the theoretical and practical abilities of modern science and technology of marine environment, the solid fundamental knowledge of modern science and technology of marine environment in terms of mechanics, electronics, machinery and laser, the qualification for the affairs in marine technological development, observation of marine environment, analysis of marine data, marine engineering testing, and management of marine science and technology.  

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